(by Pablo Burgués)

Hi, friends, today we’re going to talk about that thing we owe the funniest times of our lives and also our most memorable craps: alcohol (from the Arabic al-ku?l, that means: “you can’t imagine the binges you live with this, Mohamed”). They, the Arabs, were the ones who made the first still and distilled the first alcoholic drinks. 


But the good feeling didn’t last long for those guys, because a colleague who was not much of a reveller, named Muhammad, came to the party, with a book even less reveller entitled Quran, and they fucked it all… At that very moment the Arabs created the sentence “to throw the still and hide your hand” and they became non-drinkers, the Muslims.

At that point the Christians came on stage, and to the cry of “if you want to leave drugs, leave them here” they gathered all the secrets on the preparation of spirits and began to distil anything they found around. Thus, the diverse spirits typical from each region appeared.

Regarding Ibiza, all that the peasant farmers had around at that time were cattle and herbs. After several unsuccessful attempts trying to get a little goat into a still, they decided to try with the herbs. And thus the drink Typic d’aquí were born: Ibiza herbs.

Ibiza herbs are made with a basis of anise where you add a mixture of up to 28 herbs that are typical from Ibiza (fennel, lemon verbena, eucalyptus, camomile, rosemary, lavender…). For centuries Ibiza families have made this delicious liquor at home, but it’s easier that a peasant lends you 5.000€ instead of revealing the recipe.

¿Don't you believe me? Ok, i will tell you a real story: Once, at a bar, I tasted a very delicious one and I had the huge temerity to ask for the secret of that taste. Suddenly all the clients of the bar became quiet, a raven croaked, a jackal came into the bar holding a rattler between the jaws… Then the bar old owner tilted her hat, looked at me out of the corner of her eye, spat on the floor and told me: “Foreigner, if I told you the secret of my liquor I’d have to kill you afterwards”. And immediately after that she threw a smoke bomb on the floor and disappeared like a ninja.

And that's all i have to say about that.



Translation: Dora Sales

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