(By Pablo Burgués)

(Imitates Robert De Niro's voice) Hello lawyer, I'm Marc De Niro, possibly the best fucking Robert De Niro double in the world.

Tell me how Marc De Niro himself ends up in Ibiza? You'll see, I'm from Barcelona but I settled on the island in 1973. Back then this was paradise, it was the time of the "authentic" Ibiza, when you went to the disco to flirt, now you're just going to see how an idiot plugs in a pendrive and push buttons. People have gone crazy with the DJs and at the end of the night everyone goes home alone.

Is a double born or made? It's made. When I was young I didn't look like Robert but when I grow up everyone started to tell me. So I started to see all his films and study the character: his way of walking, his grimaces, and so on. Over the years I've been perfecting my imitations.

What kind of jobs (that can be morally told) have you done as a double? I've shot TV spots in Los Angeles, Hamburg, London, Spain... But the most famous thing of all was a couple of years ago at the San Sebastian Film Festival. I was hired by a clothing store and they set up a spectacular mess. They put me a limousine, a chauffeur, a secretary and a bodyguard and we all showed up at the María Cristina hotel. I got out of the car greeting people and all the journalists thought I was the real Robert De Niro. We fooled them all and I appeared on television around the world. You can watch it on youtube.

De Niro has been to the island several times. Have you met him in a party? Not really, but I almost did. One of the times he visited the island Tele 5 ( channel Tv ) prepared an event in which he wanted to get us together but in the end Robert cancelled the appointment. I think the man was afraid that I would look more like him than he did. hahahaha. 

Well, what would you say to him if you met him one night out there? That as an actor I like Bruce Willis more than him.

Imagine being given one of those huge billboards outside the airport and that are the first thing tourists see when they get to Ibiza. What would you put on it? I would put this picture:

Which Ibiza character would you like me to interview next time? (imitates Robert De Niro's voice) Do you know something, lawyer? You should interview Marc De Niro again, because on this fucking planet you won't find anyone half as interesting as me, my friend.


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