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Tell me where you're coming from and I'll tell you where you're going.

We were born as Servitur in the 70's. The history of Servitur is a history of improvement and effort of which we are very proud. Our founder began as Buttons and. years later, his company managed the marketing of almost the entire hotel plant in the east of the island of Ibiza.

Do you have an establishment and want to join us? Currently. Servitur has become an expert in Tourist Management. Managing through different business models the marketing, operation, rental or ownership of tourist establishments on the island of Ibiza. In 2015 Servitur created the Hotel Group Typic Hotels, an umbrella brand that includes all the establishments managed and marketed by the company.

Typic Hotels Group includes hotels and tourist apartments whose management bets on a friendly and close service. We are lovers of the island of Ibiza: its culture, its nature and its lifestyle, both day and night. We create spaces for relaxation, for encounters, for reconnecting with yourself and with what you really like. Typic Hotels Group invites its clients to get to know each other again.

What do we do?


Servitur investment management develops and plans high-level hotel and tourist properties. We cooperate with capital investors both in complete projects and in projects of reform, reconceptualization, redesign or consultancy of hotel products. We adapt to the needs of each project and each place.

Commercialization or integral management

We are a tourism management boutique and develop marketing strategies for independent hotels and hotel groups. We are a team of experts in revenue management and hotel branding with entrepreneurial spirit, brave and love of change. We are more about doing than saying and we prefer facts to speeches. See success stories.

Strategic Partners

We are also hoteliers so we know what hotel owners need to be successful. Every hotel, every product, is different and personalization of details, service, well managed experience becomes results. If you own a property and believe that being part of Typic Hotels could help your business, we put all our tools and our professional team at your disposal.



Inegral management of the company, RR. HH, Planning, (corporate representation of the holding)


Naviera Santa Eularia manages the interisland transport in the northwest connecting Es Canar, Es Figueral, Cala Llonga, Santa Eularia, Ibiza and Formentera.

Asset management

Real Estate Sector
Nautical Sector
Hotel Sector
Hotel Sector
Hotel Sector
We manage and invest in real estate of interest.

Hotel management

Integral Management
Strategic & Operational management of own and external hotels.


HR, Administration, Accounting Management, IT, Internal Services, Operations.

Brand & MK management

Communication, MK On and Off line, Brand platform, Brand guardian, Customer Care.


Analysis, Concept development, Strategic approaches, Operations.


Due diligence, investor relations, financial management and controlling.

Project management

Project Controlling, Coordination with builders, architects and interior designers.

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